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Up, Up and Away Themed Baby Shower

We love how adorable the decor was for this Up, Up and Away themed baby shower at the La Mirada Golf Course & Country Club.  Mercy did a great job of incorporating our rental items into her baby shower and it all came together beautifully!

Who can resist a candy bar this cute?  The aqua, white & gold palette she used was an excellent choice for their new baby boy and fit perfectly with the theme.

baby shower candy bar

2.up up and away baby shower

3.hot air balloon baby shower

4.la mirada golf course baby shower

Congratulations, Rivera Family!

XoXo, Anna

**Rental items used**

Ivory White Color Ceramic Plantergold glass mercury candleholdersAzure Picture frameWhite Photo Frame Ornate CynthiaGlass clear Cake StandChic Aqua Dotted Dessert Candy TrayWhite Gold Dotted BowlClear Glass Bubble Bowl VaseClear Glass Cube Vase MediumClear Glass Cube Vase LargeClear Glass Paragon VaseClear Glass Rectangle VaseGlass Apothecary JarClear Glass Trifle BowlWicker Basket natural colorWooden Crate box sizecategory template

It’s a Boy!- A Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Themed Baby Shower

Usually during this time of the year it’s wedding season, but for me it’s baby season!!  Yup, another one of my Best Friends is pregnant so of course I offered to throw her a baby shower too.  This will be her second baby and this time it is a boy, so instead of just doing a traditional “sprinkle” for the second one, I decided to do a full baby shower.  Besides, I think it’s only fair to celebrate all of your babies equally anyway, right? 😉

1.cafe bizou pasadena

The baby shower was held at this cute French restaurant in Pasadena called Café Bizou.  It also happens to be my Bestie’s favorite restaurant, so it was perfect!


I did a Twinkle Twinkle Little Star theme with a navy, blue, white & gold color scheme.  I custom designed and made the invitations, menus, place cards, games, signs & favors.  I also had a cute little book for guests to sign and leave sweet messages for the new baby boy, that his parents can read to him every time they read the book.


There were four round tables, so I did two different centerpieces.  One was a cute bow tie & shoe set displayed in our gold rimmed glass boxes and flowers.  The other one was a cute stuffed animal next to our petit ceramic rocking horse planter sitting on top of our gold dot bowl and flowers.  Also a set of gold & white star balloons were at each table as well and really completed the Twinkle Twinkle Little Star theme perfectly!

4.baby shower games

I decided to do some of the same games I did for my other Best Friend since they were a lot of fun, but unfortunately we ran out of time and didn’t get a chance to do the play-doh baby game.  The baby face game was a blast though because a lot of the guests were really stumped by who was who and was especially confused with some of the celebrities on the list.  Also, it’s so much fun to see baby photos of the parents to be & their families.


We also had a beautiful candy bar set up for all the guests to enjoy.  Our “it’s a boy” gold mylar balloons were super cute as the center of it all and to stick with the color scheme, I used white & gold candies as well as chocolates.  The one treat that I constantly got comments about were the brookies, which is a hybrid of a cookie and a brownie.  They are super delicious and everyone is now obsessed.  I got them from a small bakery in Duarte called Sweet Nothings.


Congratulations to the second time parents again and we can’t wait to meet your sweet little boy!  It was such a gorgeous baby shower and I couldn’t have done it without my amazing husband of course, we make a great team!  Also thanks to the awesome staff at Café Bizou for being so wonderful.

XoXo, Anna

**Rental items used**

 Ivory White color Ceramic Rocking Horse PlanterGlass Cloche serverwareSilver Metal Stands Sticksgold glass mercury candleholdersAzure Picture frameWhite Photo Frame OrnateWhite Photo Frame Ornate CynthiaGlass clear Cake StandWhite Gold Dotted Bowl

Glass Apothecary JarLarge Glass Box Museum Artifact Davinci CodeClear Glass Trifle BowlGlass Box-Small Museum Artifact Davinci Codecategory template

It’s a Girl!- A Whimsical Themed Baby Shower

When my best friend from childhood announced that she was pregnant, I immediately jumped at the opportunity to throw her a baby shower!  We’ve known each other since the 2nd grade and were even nicknamed “bosom buddies” from one of our High School teachers because we were inseparable.  With her living in Portland, Oregon we only see each other about once a year and planning this baby shower from afar was going to be a little tricky, but I was up for the challenge!

the nines hotel

The baby shower was held at the Urban Farmer restaurant inside The Nines Hotel in Downtown Portland.  I’ve always loved this hotel and usually stop by here for drinks whenever I’m in town, so after researching different places in Portland, this one stood out the most and was the perfect location to host a baby shower.

My friend sent me separate pictures of her and her husband at a young age, both enjoying bath time and asked if I can incorporate them into the shower somehow.  So I did a little photoshopping to make it look like they’re both in the same bathtub and used it for their welcome sign display.  It turned out super cute and they both loved it!

the nines hotel private dining

The space I reserved was “the pantry” room, it was the cutest semi-private dining space and was ideal for our party of 25 guests!  The room was surrounded by pickled jars and had a very urban chic look.  The main focus of the room were our huge 40″ rose gold mylar balloons that spelled out baby with pink paper tassels flanking each side.

baby shower decor

 I went with a whimsical theme, so for the centerpieces I used our classic children’s books and placed a small vase of flowers on top with a cute stuffed animal next to it.  Also, with a small nod to the movie “The Grand Budapest Hotel”, were the guests favors; which were pink Mendl’s boxes with sea salt caramel chocolates in them and their “hotel key” name cards- both custom made by me.  I also custom designed and made the invitations and place mats as well.

baby shower games

Since the baby shower was co-ed, I wanted to think of games that would be fun for everyone.  We had the traditional “don’t say baby” game, which was super fun because everyone was really into it and I’ve never been to a baby shower where people were so competitive about getting the most clothespins before, it was hilarious!  Also, another fun game for everyone was the play-doh baby…I wished I took a picture of the completed babies because they were awesome!


We had a three course menu and the food was delicious.  I had the vanilla yogurt panna cotta, brioche french toast and vanilla cake with lemon and strawberries!  All that with a glass of mimosa makes me a very happy girl! 🙂


It was such a beautiful & fun baby shower and I couldn’t be more happier for the new parents!

A special thank you to my husband, Gino for helping me pull this off and also to the staff of Urban Farmer, you guys are amazing!

XoXo, Anna

**Rental items used**


 Photo Frame Madeline in color GoldPrintPrintGold Amelie Picture Frame

Picture Frame White & Gold Striped